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Importing Calendar

Whether you are setting up Cubby or have a new season schedule out importing a calendar into Cubby is easy. Please note, this is a one-time import and will not be updated with changes or new events.

Google Calendar

Click the gear icon in the top right and select Settings. Click the name of the calendar in the left column on the settings page for which you want to create a calendar link. Please note you are looking for the Secret Address and not a Public Calendar link which is less secure. Scroll to the Integrate calendar section and copy the link under Secret address in iCal format. 

Microsoft Calendar

From the calendar page click the gear icon in the top right to load the settings menu. In the Calendar menu select the “Shared Calendars” link and go to the Publish a Calendar section. Select the calendar you want to import and select “Can View all Details”, then hit Publish. Copy the link labeled as “ICS”.

Other Calendars

Apple / iCloud



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