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Family                     on Autopilot



Cubby is Here to Help


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Cubby does the work so you don’t have to. Setup is a breeze and maintenance is minimal.


Save Time, Not Apps

Every new class or activity seems to come with an app. Bring all the information into Cubby to help clear the clutter.

Collaboration over Isolation

Communication with your spouse, partner or co-parent is more efficient when you both have access to the same information through Cubby.

How Cubby Works


Unified Family Inbox

Create a Cubby for each kid, just like at home! Messages from multiple inboxes, activity apps, social media and more are sorted in a familiar feed format. Pin important messages, delete others and create calendar events on the fly.


Calendars with Context

Get a daily overview of everything going on. Zoom in closer and filter down to a specific kid or activity. Track things like who is driving, what you need to bring or how long the drive will take. Share with grandparents or carpool buddies.


Contacts and More

Give your phone’s address book some breathing room by tracking contact info for coaches, teachers and other parents right in Cubby. You can also save passwords, files and bookmarks.

family organization on autopilot

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